Now is the time to start and get in with Brood 9’s elite fight team.  We have some of the best training for any type of combat or competition and give a lot of perks with being a part of our fight team. 

To start our trainers have been in the fight game for a long time, head coach Anthony began his fight career in the beginning of MMA in 1995 competing in Kickboxing, Pankration, NHB (no holds barred), Muay Thai, Wrestling and then later MMA and has received multiple titles and recognition throughout the west coast.  He has trained with some of the best in the fight game and brings that knowledge to you.  Also our grappling coach Dimitri, has won multiple titles in competition and has been able to train all throughout CA with some of the top Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling and grappling coaches. 

To be a part of this team is a true family and we take care of our own.  We always treat each other with the utmost respect and go in with no egos and we want our competitors to feel the same.  But we give back to our family quite a bit. 

Some of the perks that you will receive as being part of the Fight Team:

-Access to special Fighter Only classes w/ special guest instructors

-Access to trainings with affiliate gyms to get specialized training in MMA, Grappling and Muay Thai with some of the other top trainers

-Access to open gym times

-Specialized training plans depending on what type of competition you are doing, that includes nutrition, strength training and conditioning

-Access to special pricing on gear, supplements, food and clothing from Fight Team Only sponsors

-Specialized eBooks for enhancing your training in Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Nutrition, Fitness and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)

Gear/Equipment that you will receive:

-Brood 9 Fight Team T-Shirt

-Brood 9 Uniform (Rashguard and Shorts)

-1 piece of equipment replaced within the year (Gloves, Shin guards, etc.)

-Special items from our Sponsors (Shirts, Shorts, etc)

-Specialized Workout Shirt (Fight Team Only)

-Fight Team Notebook

-Brood 9’s Essential Nutrition Guide